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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

My husband and I followed the rule book - we interviewed a few Realtors to help us purchase a new construction, and we are so happy that we decided to work with Dan. We put in an offer on a new construction in July and Dan was there throughout the whole process, all the way to December! Every question, every issue and concern... Dan was there every step of the way. He is great with first-time homebuyers. We are the kind of people that ask a lot of detailed questions, and he answered and responded to everything with patience and care. He represented us very well over a long, tedious process. Dan also works well with everyone involved with the process of homebuying. I would highly recommend him!
I recently had to sell a beloved family members home upon his passing. I’m a MA resident with very little knowledge of Maine real estate. Sue’s office couldn’t have been more helpful. Mary Ellen helped me every step of the way. I believe the home hit the market in October and sold quickly at a good price and we closed in late December. I always felt as though these guys had my best interests in mind which was critical as I could not be present throughout most of the process.
Dan was great. He was so patient with my kids. He was easy going, friendly and great to work with while finding a home. I would recommend him to my family. Dan was great.
Keren was great. Worked with us every step of the way. We love our new home. Thanks Keren!
We found Tony pleasant and professional. He appeared to have a working knowledge of home mechanics including those in vintage houses so could point out assets or problem spots. Such is instrumental in determining fair pricing or negotiation in the purchase of a home. Thanks Tony.
Dan is very good and will do all he can for you. He and his wife even came the night we were cleaning out our house and helped up clean up and even took a truckload of junk to the dump. He is good people so give him a call! Joyce
Great experience...would highly recommend The Matt &Gena Team!
My wife and I are both from Massachusetts. However we have always wanted to Raise our family in Maine. So when we had all of our ducks in a row we called Dave.. I had gotten his number from a new friend I had made in Poland the town we were looking to move to... Through the wonders of the internet we had found a couple houses we were interested in.. However we definitely had one favorite in mind. Upon seeing the house we absolutely fell in love with it. Now typically that would make a real estate agents job easy.. But Dave really went above and beyond he had pulled a huge amount of information about the history of the home, property lines, and the existing well, etc. Also he came prepared with information about the town and local area. My father was a very successful real estate agent and I don't recall anyone going that far above and beyond. Especially for the first house customers had asked to see.. Dave was able to refer a quality home inspector who was extremely thorough. The home checked out great. When it came time for the negoation on the price of the home I felt I would take the reigns as I have been in sales most of my working career. Well I quickly found out that Dave and I were on exactly the same page with what to offer and where we felt the price should settle! We got exactly what we were hoping for! So as it turned out I didn't need my negoation skills at all Dave did a great job! Dave has also kept in touch after we purchased our home. He doesn't live far away and we are new to Maine and the area in general.. So he has turned out not only to be a great real estate agent but also a good friend...
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