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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I've known Donna for several years. She has helped us sell 3 properties. Her calm yet cheerful manner really helped me get through the ups and downs of selling - the inspection, the negotiations, and the 'surprises'. She's encouraging. She has a wealth of experience for us to rely on as we make decisions. She explains the process and keeps us informed. Selling is stressful to me, but her kind demeanor and explanation helps to keep it all in perspective.
Having such a large family with all the diversity, different needs and interests we thought it may be impossible to find the right house for us. We had looked for a year at different places, before signing on with Tess, with no success. Feeling discouraged we decided to try using an agent. Tess set up a day of showings, for houses we had picked, and added a home she thought we would like onto the end of the day. The day went very smoothly. The showings were set up in a way that saved traveling and time. However, all the houses we thought we would (definitely) love, well, they were just not what we had imagined. We felt our chances of finding a home to fit our family was looking slim. We got in our vehicle, and headed to the final house for the day, the house Tess had picked for us. From the moment we drove up we knew this was the house we had been looking for. Tess took what we all wanted and found the perfect house for us. I have shopped for houses before and never have I had such an pleasant experience. Thank you Tess for the beautiful house and the memories that will be made there.
We were exploring making a move from Chicago to the Portland area but it was going to be complex because we weren't ready to move right away and would want to rent out whatever property we bought. Dan was helpful and friendly from the start. He helped us figure out which towns we'd want to look at and found great properties that would meet needs in terms of space and cost. Since we were coming from Chicago to check out houses, Dan set aside an entire day to go around and view houses with us. When we found what we wanted, Dan was great in guiding us through our offer and some strategies for making it more likely that the seller would accept our offer. These strategies were successful and we purchased the first house we made an offer on. Dan was a great guide through the whole purchase process and was instrumental in connecting us with options for managing the property after purchase. Since we moved into the house, Dan has been a great friend and always willing to lend a hand or guide us in the right direction with any questions we have. I think Dan represents The Maine Real Estate Network and, frankly, the State of Maine tremendously well. You can't get better than him!
A friend of mine suggested Linda when I was asking for referrals for Real Estate Agents. I am so glad I went with her suggestion. I had never bought or sold a house before, and this was a close relative's home who had recently passed, so it was a new and emotional journey. Linda was very kind and patient and answered any and all questions I had. She made me feel very comfortable and was always very responsive and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent, and would definitely use her again if I were to buy or sell a home. Very happy with my experience with her and the Maine Real Estate Network.
Jerry was wonderful, he was always keeping me informed of what was taking place. We went through lots of ups and downs but he remained positive and encouraging the entire time. I would highly recommend Jerry for all your realty needs.
I was moving from NYC to Portland when I enlisted Dan's help in finding a new home. He braved heavy snow and a tight timeframe to show me Portland 's neighborhoods and homes that fit my criteria. I found Dan professional, more than helpful in coordinating my mortgage broker, seller, relocation company and me. He was indispensable in my buying process. He even held my Maltese puppy in his arms while I opened closets and doors in the looking process. What a real estate gem!
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