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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Great experience...would highly recommend The Matt &Gena Team!
My wife and I are both from Massachusetts. However we have always wanted to Raise our family in Maine. So when we had all of our ducks in a row we called Dave.. I had gotten his number from a new friend I had made in Poland the town we were looking to move to... Through the wonders of the internet we had found a couple houses we were interested in.. However we definitely had one favorite in mind. Upon seeing the house we absolutely fell in love with it. Now typically that would make a real estate agents job easy.. But Dave really went above and beyond he had pulled a huge amount of information about the history of the home, property lines, and the existing well, etc. Also he came prepared with information about the town and local area. My father was a very successful real estate agent and I don't recall anyone going that far above and beyond. Especially for the first house customers had asked to see.. Dave was able to refer a quality home inspector who was extremely thorough. The home checked out great. When it came time for the negoation on the price of the home I felt I would take the reigns as I have been in sales most of my working career. Well I quickly found out that Dave and I were on exactly the same page with what to offer and where we felt the price should settle! We got exactly what we were hoping for! So as it turned out I didn't need my negoation skills at all Dave did a great job! Dave has also kept in touch after we purchased our home. He doesn't live far away and we are new to Maine and the area in general.. So he has turned out not only to be a great real estate agent but also a good friend...
I recently closed on the sale of my house in Lewiston. I knew Mary Ellen Taylor of Meservier team through my daughter who had in2017 sold a house through them and bought a new one. I wanted the time and caring that she experienced. I was not disappointed. We began talking in the Fall but I would not be ready to list until late November. They came in October to take pictures outside so that prospective buyers would know what they would see under the snow. Mary Ellen gave me advice on how best to show the house when I was ready, including advising me about price. The house went under contract in under a week!!! Throughout the process and until closing, I heard from them often. I was kept informed every step of the way. I couldn't be happier. They know what they are doing. Combine that with their caring and you have a recipe for a very happy experience. Thank you!
Daurice was excellent! She went above & beyond any agent I have dealt with in the past. Made the transition to my new home easy!
Daurice was fantastic! I would recommend her to any of my client looking to purchase or sell a home.
I had the good fortune to work with David when my husband and I decided to downsize to a smaller home. David worked diligently to ensure the sale of our home by having open houses, scheduling showings, and continuously networking to find the right buyer. He was able to get us an excellent price for our house. We also worked with David to purchase our current property and he skillfully negotiated a fair price that we could afford. Thanks to David we now are living in our forever home! I recommend David for any of you real estate needs. He brings skill, knowledge, and a genuine sense of caring to everyone he works with!
We were referred to Daurice by a MA/NH agent and could not have been more pleased with her. She answered our emails, texts, phone calls immediately. She was always professional. She was always available. Daurice was very knowledgeable with the market. Daurice brought us all the way to closing without a bit of worry. We would HIGHLY recommend Daurice!
Gail was a great fit for us! We had been 'looking' online for years, so we had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted, but as first time home buyers, really needed someone to walk us through the process. To just list a few things, she helped us work out details with the bank (and seek a second opinion on the terms offered) and walked us through two offers, two inspections (she referred a very thorough inspector that we used for both), and one closing. She was patient, communicative, reachable and ready to act when we needed her. She helped us weigh out options with our mortgage, our offers and counter offers, and the inspection results without pushing decisions or opinions, yet offering guidance. We just celebrated 1 year in our home, and haven't had any regrets.
I highly recommend working with Andrea on buying or selling a home. We were first time home buyers and had a lot of questions. She was very patient and able to give us answers in a way we could understand. Andrea listened to our needs, worked within our budget, stood up for us during negotiations, and found our home! She was there making sure we knew our options, keeping us informed, so we could move forward in the process. Andrea has a passion for finding the right home for her clients, please don't hesitate to contact her.
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