Why Sell With Us?

On May 1, 2018. The Maine Real Estate Network will become Bean Group.

We understand selling a home can be an emotional experience in anyone's lives.

All home sellers have the daunting task of finding a new place to live, packing, organizing, financing and last but not least, leaving a place of cherished memories. We strive to make the process as easy and stress free as possible by maintaining an exceptional service standard while providing the proper exposure your home deserves in today's competitive marketplace. Our experience and passion is focused on a simple goal; Bringing People Home.


Maine's #1 Real Estate Agency

  • We are the fastest growing real estate company in Maine.
  • We have the largest number of agents of any real estate company in Maine.
  • We have the most offices of any real estate company in Maine.

One Stop Shopping

The Maine Real Estate Network is a 'one-stop' shop for buyers and sellers. When it comes to real estate, we've done it or we're doing it. Ask us a question below or give us a call at - 207-774-4224 to inquire about our services. In addition to helping you buy or sell your home, we offer financing, title services, home repair and improvement, and more.

The Maine Real Estate Network has a great partner in HarborOne. Whether you're looking for a fixed rate mortgage, VA loan, or conventional loan, HarborOne provides clients and their Realtors across Maine with competitive rates and the highest level of service possible.

Apply for a loan today- it's fast, easy, and free!

We Offer:

  • Financing made easy with in-house loan officers, in-house processing and a variety of options to best serve your needs.
  • Title research made easy with an in-house team to help facilitate a smooth closing.

Home Repair and improvement Services Division

  • Repairs made at a reasonable price, with quick turnaround.
  • Quality work and great service.

Steps to Selling a Home

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Choose The Maine Real Estate Network

  • A Powerful Network...
    • We have a network of 24 offices and more than 500 associates who want to sell your home.
  • Proven Market Leaders in Maine...
    • We are the #1 independently owned and operated real estate company in Maine.
  • One-Stop Shopping...
    • We offer mortgage, title and home improvement services all under one roof making the transaction easier for everyone.
  • We Can Help with Home Repairs!
    • We are the only real estate company in Maine that will advance the money to put your home in market ready condition if you do't have the funds available. This will improve value and reduce time on market.
  • The Maine Real Estate Network Website...
    • Our new website delivers content in a fully responsive format that works effectively in mobile, tablet, laptop, PC and Apple applications.
  • Internet Marketing...
    • Your property is placed on over 160 websites to deliver maximum internet exposure.
  • We are affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World!
    • This is the number one real estate network in the USA and in the world delivering more buyers and referrals than any other network.
  • Training...
    • Our agents are well trained and ready to help answer your questions.
  • The Personal Touch...
    • We are a Maine based, family owned company with flexibility and a sincere commitment to help you.
  • It's About You...
    • You are our number one focus and concern. We are committed to helping you accomplish the goals we set together.

We pledge to...

  • Guide you through all the steps from start to finish in selling your home.
  • Perform a detailed price analysis to determine the best asking price for your home.
  • Advise on how to best prepare your home for showings.
  • Market your home across multiple channels delivering broad exposure.
  • Track market trends, showing activity and communicate feedback promptly.
  • Review offers and negotiate the best possible terms for you.
  • Coordinate the closing process for a smooth, timely settlement.

How We Market Your Home

I will professionally market your property in all the key channels to find the buyer for your home.

  • Internet Marketing
    • National Websites
    • TMREN Website
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Signage
  • Custom Brochure
  • Direct Mail
  • Open Houses

Pre-Listing Marketing

How we attract buyers before your listing hits the market

  • Send a Coming Soon email to all area TMREN Realtors
  • Add to our website as a new listing
  • Design and print flyers and postcards
  • Pre-market the Open House
  • Launch the Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Place a For Sale sign with "Coming Soon" rider

Our Online Presence

We know that 90 percent of home buyers begin their search online for a new home. The Maine Real Estate Network website delivers:

  • The #1 ranking website for searching
    "Maine Real Estate"
  • 400,000 Unique Visitors, up 111 percent
    vs. 2014
  • 4 Million Page Views, up 81 percent
  • Listing views up 233 percent
  • Pages per session 6.13
  • Average session duration 5.26 minutes
  • Referrals from Facebook up 360 percent

We partner with List Hub for the quickest syndication to all major real estate websites (over 160!) where buyers are searching! Here are some of the key sites where your home will be marketed:

Featured Listings

We feature your listing on Realtor.com to attract more buyers

We can enhance your listing by adding:

  • A Virtual Tour
  • Up to 36 Property Photos
  • A Listing Video
  • Open House Alerts

Social marketing

We share your listing across multiple channels in our social media network.

I will feature your property on Facebook.

I will tweet about your listing on Twitter.

I will post photos of your property on Instagram.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

As an affiliate, we market your property to the world:
  • We market your property to 120,000 talented associates around the world.
  • We expose your property to buyers on six continents.
  • We receive inbound clients from other affiliates around the globe.
  • Our network collectively is responsible for over one million transactions on a global basis.
  • When your home is posted to our website, it is connected to the websites of over 500 affiliate firms.

Your property will receive worldwide marketing exposure by leveraging our global network of real estate agents.

The Maine Real Estate Network is part of a global network that produces over $300 billion in annual sales, more than any national brand

Preparing Your Home To Sell

Staging Your Home

  • I will help you maximize the overall appeal of your home to the greatest possible pool of buyers.
  • I will help you highlight the strengths and minimize any weaknesses of your home.
  • I will help you achieve the highest sale price possible for your property.

Making a First Impression

Driveways and Walkways

  • Must be clean and clear of vehicles, toys and other items
  • Repair cracks
  • Park cars in the garage or on the street


  • Keep the lawn mowed and beds edged, weeded and mulched
  • Prune out dead branches and overgrown plants
  • Replace bare landscaping with fresh plants or flowers


  • Replace any missing or damaged roofing, siding and fencing
  • Paint and caulk window trim and doors that are tired
  • Power wash siding, porches and decks
  • Clean gutters, downspouts and drains
  • Clean all windows inside and out


  • Check doorbell and lights to be sure they are operating properly
  • Paint, replace, or remove worn or damaged exterior furniture, sports equipment
  • Put out a new welcome mat and make sure the front entry sparkles (no cobwebs!)

Showing Your Home

Checklist to Get Ready

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Before the Showing Checklist:

  • Make the beds and put away all clothing
  • Wipe clean bathroom surfaces, hang all towels neatly
  • Make sure laundry is put away
  • Remove any clutter on kitchen countertops and wipe clean
  • Remove dishes from sink
  • Put away small valuables, jewelry, money, mail
  • Isolate toys to one small area; store in totes or baskets
  • Remove pets or use a kennel or crate
  • Remove any sign of smoking (ashtrays, lighters, etc.)
  • Make sure the thermostat is set at a comfortable temperature
  • Turn on lots of lights and open the blinds
  • Turn off the TV; play soft music

Home Interior Checklist


  • Clean the home from top to bottom; use a professional if you don't have time
  • Have the carpets professionally cleaned
  • Have stone and tile cleaned and grouted if necessary
  • Make sure the windows sparkle inside and out
  • Remove excess or tired furniture
  • Repair nail holes; touch-up or repaint walls
  • Organize all closets; remove excess hangers


  • Deep clean all appliances inside and out
  • Replace old stove drip pans; add new burner covers for older stoves
  • Wipe down and organize cabinets and drawers
  • Remove all clutter from countertops including appliances not regularly used
  • Remove all magnets and personal info from refrigerator
  • Wash floor thoroughly, replace or remove any old mats in front of sink
  • Make sure sink is empty and wiped clean
  • Run disposal with a fresh lemon if there is lingering odor
  • Add fresh flowers for the kitchen table as a nice touch

Baths and Bedrooms

  • Keep toilets, sinks and tub/showers clean
  • Make sure tile grouting is in good repair and clean
  • Close shower curtains, put down toilet lids, straighten towels
  • Remove personal items/toiletries from countertops
  • Make all beds, pick up all laundry and clutter
  • Sweep and vacuum all floors


  • Organize and clean
  • Get rid of items that are broken or no longer used
  • Use offsite storage for extras items that are taking too much space
  • Make sure at least one car fits in the garage

The Home Inspection

The Advantages of a Pre-Inspection

  • Identify and address deal killer problems up front
  • Allows you to repair items at a lower price
  • Buyers perceive your home as a better value with few issues
  • Negotiate from a position of strength

Home Improvement Division

Any and all handyman services!

Do you have a listing that needs some work done to sell for the best price and in the least amount of time? Or...

Home inspections are done. Now who will work on that punch list of items needed to ensure a successful sale?

Flexible Payment Terms

The TMREN Home Improvement Division can even arrange for payment to be made at closing.

Determining the Price of Your Home

Getting Top Dollar

  • Keep your home in top showing condition
  • Establish a competitive asking price
  • Be in a position to take advantage of strong activity during the initial weeks on the market when buyers are checking out what is new

Attracting a Buyer

Price at market value to attract the largest amount of ready, willing and able buyers.

The Pitfalls of Overpricing

  • Buyers look at a dozen properties on average before making an offer on a property.
  • They compare your property to other options available.
  • If the price of your property is not in line with similar properties, they move on.
  • Buyers are wary of property that has had a dramatic reduction in price.
  • Price changes and a lengthy time on market can create the concern that something is wrong with the property.

The result: You end up selling below market value

The Negotiation Process

The Goal: Negotiate from a position of strength

  • Our price is backed by a solid Comparative Market Analysis demonstrating that it represents fair market value.
  • Cleaning and repairing your home to get it in ready-to-show condition means it is less likely a buyer can ask for price reductions for work needed.

Orchestrating a Smooth Closing

How We Help

  • Our team reviews all contracts, addenda and disclosures for accuracy.
  • We have a detailed checklist to ensure everything is in order.
  • We are available to answer any questions you have.
  • We provide you with timely updates.