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Windham, Maine incorporated in 1792 is now a four season destination with close to 500 acres of parks and preserves offering a wide variety of activities for swimming, paddling, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, skateboarding and more. There are a variety of places of interest in Windham, both to visitors and residents. South Windham village, the home of Windham's Historical Society will show remnants of the old town center and once-thriving mills. North Windham is now the center of the towns retail shopping district, eating establishments, entertainment venues such as Seacoast Adventure Park an all season park for all ages etc.

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About Rita

“A kinder, gentler place to live”, that’s what Maine is for me.  I moved here in 2008 from a large city in Massachusetts where I raised my family and taught middle school for several decades.  I am very happy to be living in Maine.

I love my hometown of Gray!  I am an avid outdoors woman and Gray is nearby to all the recreation I so desire.  Kayaking, cross country skiing, hiking, biking and disc golf; Gray is just minutes from all these things!

Who doesn’t enjoy bringing happiness to others?  I know I do and when combined with my interest in homes, it seemed natural for me to pursue real estate sales.

I feel confident in my affiliation with The Maine Real Estate Network.  We are the largest in Maine, over 500 agents strong! We have the tools, the manpower, and the dedication to help you find the perfect place for your life to unfold.