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About Joseph

My name is Joseph Federico and I was born here in the beautiful state of Maine back in 1975. At a young age my mother married my now step farther who was in the Air Force. We moved to California and he quickly learned that I liked to tinker with things and take things apart. During my junior high years we moved back to Maine and I was still takings things apart, but now I had moved on to things like my bike and boom box, because of doing these things I became interested in the trades. I started out as an automotive technician and then moved into the plumbing and heating business. Doing this as a living it gave me a great interest in homes and how they were built. So as I have aged, I have learned that attention to detail and being prepared is important to be able to give the best service to your clients. This preparedness and attention to detail is what I deliver to my clients, because whether it is your first home or your fifth everyone deserves the best. Simply put, I am an expert in home construction and along with my partner, Holly we will deliver you our famed 29 point system of service and negotiate the best terms and price possible for your real estate needs each and every time.