Eastern Maine

Located in the heart of Maine, Eastern Maine boasts the third largest city in the state, Bangor, as well as dozens of other charming towns and communities. The winding Penobscot River bisects this region and flows down into the Penobscot Bay, making this a great place for those who enjoy spending time in and around the water. The northern section of Eastern Maine extends along the I-95 corridor, so it is easy to travel from town to town.

Bangor, Maine

The state’s third largest city has seen significant revitalization over the last few decades, making it a popular center of culture and commerce in Central Maine. Bangor originally gained prominence in the 1800’s as a booming lumber port, due to its advantageous location on the Penobscot River. Today, Bangor’s steady economy is driven by the services and retail industry, finance, and tourism.

Residents of Bangor tend to be active and enjoy a high quality of living, with access to a great public school system, relatively short commutes, and plenty of options for outdoor recreation.

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Hampden, Maine

Hampden, Maine, is a quiet, rural town located just outside of Bangor, Maine, along the Penobscot River. The public school system in Hampden has a great reputation and the lovely homes make this a highly desirable place to live, especially for families.

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Orono, Maine

Orono Maine is a quaint college town located in Eastern Maine, about 15 minutes outside of Bangor. As the home of the University of Maine, the nearly 11,000 annual residents of Orono are active and friendly.

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