Cumberland County Mortgage

Cumberland County Mortgage announced the sale of it's business to original founder, Loni Graiver who is also the owner of The Maine Real Estate Network in January 2015. Graiver is pleased to reacquire Cumberland County Mortgage as a key asset in The Maine Real Estate Network's operating model of providing superior, top-of-class service to real estate clients. "Our mortgage rates and closing costs will be the lowest rates available, and our service delivery system will be built around my famed '54 Point System of Superior Service," said Graiver. This system helped Graiver close $64 Million in home loans in 2009, shattering mortgage origination record volumes at the time.

In addition, Cumberland County Mortgage website has been extensively upgraded to allow anyone with a home in Maine to easily and efficiently apply for a mortgage. The application process takes but a few minutes and there is no cost to get approved for a loan.

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