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Business Lessons From The Patriots Super Bowl Win

Here in New England, we are all sitting back and realizing just how lucky we are as fans right now. Even if we had lost, we are still the luckiest fans in the world. Watching the 2nd half the next day I realized what amazing lessons can come from this game and team for our business lives.

When you get down, do not get rattled, discouraged or come unglued.

On virtually every other team we see finger pointing and mutiny in these situations. A lesson for our children and ourselves in business. The Patriots stuck together, realized they were not playing their best and rallied as a team. I don’t think there is another team that could have kept it together like the Patriots did and remained confident. Remember, in business things do not always go your way.

Remain focused on the end goal.

While everyone was screaming at the TV for the Pats to “hurry up,” they realized that if they didn’t get at least one score to get within two scores (And 2 two point tries) it was over anyway. So they didn’t panic, didn’t rush and didn’t force. They stuck to their game plan, executed and won.

Surround yourself with those willing to do what it takes to win.

Tom Brady is obviously getting most of the well deserved credit. However, so many players contributed to this comeback:

  • Kick offs pinning the Falcons at the 8,10 and 14 yard lines.

  • Chung stripping the opposition’s tight end of the ball that would have put the Falcons in field goal position late in the game.

  • Hightower’s strip fumble.

  • “Incredible Edelman’s” catch.

  • White doing everything.

  • The receivers not dropping a pass the entire second half and overtime.

  • The defense not giving up a score to the highest scoring offense ever in the last 30 minutes of the game.

...and on and on.

It is the same with business.

Surround yourself only with people willing to “Do their job” and who always remain optimistic about the endgame.

Win with class.

Everyone wanted a big Brady “FU” to Goodell while accepting the trophy. This is not the Patriots’ way and certainly was not the right stage to do so. Brady did his talking on the field (And a nice little post game commercial!). Goodell heard the fans and Brady basically thanked them “For having our backs.”

There is always something bigger than winning and money.

Brady’s win was for his teammates, his fans, his family and of course, his mom. It was not for personal glory, stats or his legacy. Your “Why” for business needs to be more than money or winning. It needs to be bigger than that and more personal. Something like...

To provide a lifestyle for your family that you and they deserve.  

A lot can be learned in our business from watching the Patriots. Let’s savor this win and tell all these kids out there how dang lucky they are to be watching the greatest coach, player, and owner in the history of the NFL.


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