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TMREN Out Paces The Maine Real Estate Market

The Maine Real Estate NetworkYear To Date Report:

With half of 2016 complete, how does The Maine Real Estate Network (TMREN) compare to the market? Take a look at the comparison for the month of June, as well as the results from the first 6 months of this year.  With the freedom to get deals done, expert guidance, and advanced and unmatched tools and resources, agents from The Maine Real Estate Network continue to produce quality service and results for their clients and out pace the market in all areas.


The Market was down year over year in unit sales -0.4%                 TMREN up 17.9%

The Market was down year over year in Volume -1.1%                    TMREN up 22.8%

The Market was down year over year average price -0.7%               TMREN up 4.2%

First ½ of 2016

The Market was up in unit sales 16.4%                                            TMREN up 31.1% (Yes, double)

The Market was up in Volume 16.4%                                               TMREN up 45.5% (Yes, triple)

The Market was down in average sale price -0.1%                            TMREN up 10.9%


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