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Flip This House - Flip That House - Here They Come!

Real estate convention in MaineFeel free to call this a public service announcement.  We have notice over the past few days that multiple facebook ads are appearing for various cities in Maine advertising convention style presentations for "Building Real Estate Wealth Instantly!"  

These presenters promise to show you the secrets that will allow you to start making incredible money flipping houses in your area of Maine immediately.  The old saying truly applies here.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it is."

We are the first to admit and exclaim that real estate is an incredible investment opportunity and a great path to financial freedom.  However, please do not get pulled into these empty promises of instant riches.  There simply is no such thing as instant riches.  You can make money flipping homes in Maine, but you need to be prepared to handle the challenges.  

Here in our state, this is best tackled by folks who are already construction professionals or those with the resources to take on these projects.  Sellers in Maine simply do not sell homes way below market value.  Most home flippers in Maine see modest profits.  The best, specialize in finding and investing in properties that, once completely renovated and upgraded, will appeal to the luxury home buyer.

A better path to real estate investment for many people is our extremely active rental property market.

If you are serious about making money in the real estate market, please do contact us.  We have the expertise and experience in our local markets to help guide you down that path.  Our completely locally owned and operated company was founded on the idea of helping others to achieve financial freedom.  

These presentations are free, so attend if you like.  However, please do give us a call before you start spending your hard earned money on the advice of someone from away who has no knowledge of our real estate market.

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