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Tux And Mrs. Tux Join The Maine Real Estate Network


Loni Graiver, President of The Maine Real Estate Network announces the arrival of Tux and Mrs. Tux.


Together Since age 13 Tux & Mrs. Tux have worked together for decades.   They are a very unique couple.  In Real Estate together the past 25 yrs, they have joined the Largest Independent real estate firm in the state after running for the past 12 years.  They are among Maine’s most recognizedbBrokers; they work hard, play hard, and have a great sense of humor.

Mr. Tux Burke starts his morning the same everyday….


“HONEY???  Ok Just checking.”


During our Bio Interview we asked Tux …


1.     I heard you had the first Glow Back signs in RE?  Tux; You heard that story?

2.    You had car phones before they were invented?  He simply directed us to this photo from 25 years ago.



Unfortunately we ran out of time to interview Tux because Mrs. Tux called and reminded him of an appointment.  If you want TUX …. Call Mrs. Tux and she will send him right over!!




We did manage to locate a few more Real Estate Ads Tux ran on the Internet….

Want to hire a GREAT BROKER??? Call someone who can carry TWICE her weight…. Call Mrs. Tux 207-671-5804











The difference between a Real Estate Agent and a Lakefront Specialist is… “Know How”

In RE Tux makes …Waves










No other Agents Even Stack Up



















To Be Continued…..


Mr. Mrs. Tux or Billi and Tux Burke

Tux Cell: 207-318-2506


Billi Cell: 207-671-5804


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