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Tips for Starting Your Real Estate Search

Maine Real Estate Search

If you are just starting your real estate search, you may not know where to begin.  The Maine Real Estate Network's website offers a few different options for finding properties throughout Maine:

Natural Language Search - This is a search bar, just like Google, so you can type in the location, features, or price you want in a property. Here's an example:  Portland Maine homes with 3 or more bedrooms.  You can find this tool on any page of our site, either at the top of the home page or in the right hand sidebar on all other pages.

Advanced Search - If you are more comfortable choosing your criteria from a list, you can visit the Advanced Search page.  This tool allows you to select location, property type, price, square footage, you name it.  You can also choose how you would like the results to be sorted, whether it's by the newest properties on the market or lowest listing price.

Faceted Search for TMRENFaceted Search - Once you have created a search, you can narrow down your criteria using the sidebar on the right side of the search results page (see example to the right).  Use the sliders and check boxes to choose the number of bedrooms/bathrooms, price, location, water body, or even property style.  Any changes you make will automatically update the results on this page.

Quick Searches - Also known as recommended or 1-click searches, you can use these to perform a search in just one click.  We have provided a list of searches that are popular with our visitors including lakefront homes, homes with mountain views, and new construction properties.  A list of these can be found on our Search Categories page or in the sidebar of most pages.  You can also use the Faceted Search tool on these Quick Search pages to narrow down the results even further.


If you are more comfortable speaking with a real estate agent, you can always contact our team and let them know what type of home you are searching for.

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