Tips For Sellers

Can You Afford NOT To Sell Your Home Now?

You have decided that you want to move.  Maybe you need more space, or less space, would like a different location, need a new project, would like to leave your current project, want to move into the city, or out to the country.  No matter what your motivation for moving, many people end this train of thought with "Can I afford to sell right [...]

Top 5 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Fall

Selling your Maine home in the Fall can be one of the best decisions you make.  Home buyers are super motivated to get in before the holidays and some folks have taken their home off the market, creating less competition.  Autumn in Maine is also beautiful and evokes feelings of home and hearth in buyers.  Research shows that home buyers [...]

5 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Winter

Selling your home during the winter may seem challenging, but these five tips will help you make the most of the season!


1.  Clean up snow and ice.  Make sure driveways and pathways are clear for showings so that buyers don't have a difficult time parking or walking up to the house.

2.  Use the season to your advantage.  If you live near [...]