Autumn Colors on Crystal Lake

Autumn colors are just starting to reveal themselves in my hometown of Harrison, a quick drive from Bridgton.  Crystal Lake is a cold water lake supported by natural springs.  We have a beautiful sandy public beach, playground, baseball diamond and gazebo.  There is also a kitchen for fundraising events like the annual pancake breakfast and [...]

Fall in Falmouth Maine

It’s fall in Falmouth and not only does that mean a beautiful change to the scenery, but football is in full swing at Falmouth High School.

Falmouth and the Falmouth School District are known first and foremost for the excellent education provided to our children. Our academic campus houses the elementary, middle, and high schools. Although [...]

Fall in Cumberland Maine

Another Cumberland Fair has come and gone and now Maine's foliage, winterizing summer cottages and putting boats to bed for a long nap will be the topics of discussion. I'm happy to serve as The Maine Real Estate Network's Cumberland Area Market Specialist and look forward to covering events, local businesses and recreational activities to give you just a taste of what a wonderful place Cumberland, Maine is