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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

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Linda was as usual fantastic to work with. She handled our needs like the real pro that she is. We have two more houses to move eventually and I can assure you we will be using Linda as our point person. Obviously you must have an excellent company if you employee people like Linda. We enjoyed the complete journey and the excellent attention that she gave along with some very important advice. Dave Beattie
I know Cari personally. She did a wonderful job helping me pick out my home. She was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns and was very knowledgeable about the houses.
Cari was incredible, from start to finish. She provided me with an immense amount of knowledge in regard to the home-buying process, made sure that I was up to date and informed, was always willing to go the extra mile when anything needed to be done, and was available and responsive when I needed her 100% of the time. I can hardly put into words how impressed I am with her & her team, and I will be forever grateful for that.
Just a note to say thank you for all your work in selling my condo. You were very prompt and responsive to my every need. I think it was your attention to my needs that helped me sell my place in just one day. You were right on target with suggestions to help make my place the most presentable it could be. You listened to a couple my suggestions, especially selling price, that helped me maximize my profit. I can't thank you enough.
We met Kim in an open house, and right away we knew that we wanted her to be the one helping us through this important milestone. Kim made an experience that could have been stressful and painful into something that was easy and enjoyable. We can't thank her enough!

My fiance and I had the most wonderful experience buying our first home through Amy Bergen at Meservier and Associates! Though we were first time home buyers, we felt completely comfortable and taken care of during the entire process. She really exceeded our expectations and then some. Though Amy is based in Auburn, Maine, she came to the coast and traveled far and wide (Cumberland, Scarborough, Freeport, North Yarmouth, Gorham, South Portland) to show us house after house on our search to find the right one. My fiance is an engineer and he tends to be particular about the build of a house, but Amy was kind and patient with us throughout the entire process. Truly, Amy deserves a five-star review. She treats you like you are her one and only client. Your concerns are her concerns, and she works incredibly hard to make the process go smoothly. Emails and phone calls are answered very quickly and thoroughly – you will never be left wondering what’s happening. During our process, which was a difficult one, Amy was masterful at negotiating with the seller’s agent, and ended up taking money out of her own commission in order to supplement closing costs. Without Amy, we’d never have gotten to purchase the house we fell in love with. I can’t recommend her enough! If you are in the market for a new property, you would be doing yourself a disservice to go with any realtor other than Amy Bergen.

My experience with Meservier & specifically Amy Bergen, was exemplary! Professional, knowledgeable and a team player with her team when the need arose. Selling & buying was an extreme stress for me while holding down a job and caring for my parents. Ms. Bergen was by my side every step of the way. A1 top rating for Meservier & Associates from a very great full customer!
We had an incredibly wide search in the state of Maine. Our agent, Matthew Freedman, was so patient with us. Using his skills, he was able to narrow our search quickly until we found the perfect home. The process from Purchase and Sales to closing went perfectly and very quickly. Everyone at Meservier and Associates was a pleasure to work with and made the whole experience a positive one. I highly recommend Meservier and Associates and would use them again in a heartbeat!
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