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About Les

As you negotiate your way through the real estate process, you need a strategic partner. Les Black can offer you more than four decades of real estate experience:

  • Real Estate Broker (Maine and Massachusetts). Before becoming a Maine Real Estate Broker, Les, with his wife Deb, founded Four Columns Realty in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Les ran the realty firm for a decade, managing transactions, mentoring agents and building a strong internet presence.


  • Attorney-at-Law (Massachusetts). As a practicing attorney in Massachusetts, Les negotiated deals and drafted documents for many real estate buyers and sellers. Ask Les about the time he saved his home buying clients $50K by adding one sentence to their real estate contract.


  • Investor. By investing in real estate in Maine and elsewhere, Les has learned the real estate process from both sides of the table.


  • Internet Entrepreneur. Les served as a Director and General Counsel for an internet startup and later founded Les Black Web Designs. His internet expertise helps sellers promote their property where the buyers are.

Les and Deb retired in 2014 and moved to the Kingfield area in the Western Mountains of Maine. There, Les discovered he loved Maine even more than he cared about retirement. In November of 2016, Les joined the Maine Real Estate Network to share his love with others who would like to find a piece of Maine to call their own.

Les is a graduate of Amherst College and the University of Michigan School of Law. Born in New York City, Les now lives with his wife in Lexington Township, Maine, whose total population would not fill a city block. They like it that way.